Episode 13

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10th Sep 2019

Why Do I Find This So Difficult to Do?

This question was sent to me by Gerald R. (thanks for the question!): "Why do I find this so difficult to do?"

So, I decided to demonstrate that you do not need any special equipment to do a podcast. I recorded this episode on my iPhone while on a morning walk with my dogs!

All you need to do is hit RECORD on your smart phone! I used FB Live in this episode, then downloaded it to my computer and uploaded it here to the YouTube Channel for the podcast. I also converted it to audio mp3 and uploaded it to my podcast website.

SIMPLE! You can do this! 

You do not need special equipment, a studio or anything else. I know of several people that record their podcast episodes from their car with their smart phone! 


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Until next time - Keep Talking, You're Awesome!

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